40 years ago, the ultimate driver’s car was born. With breathtaking aesthetics and an enthralling
four-cylinder petrol engine, the first BMW 3 Series (then called the E21) burst onto the scene. Over the
years that followed, countless ground-breaking innovations, engineering advancements and pioneering
designs led to a succession of iconic cars that defined their time.
Today, the new BMW 3 Series effortlessly surpasses the benchmarks set by its predecessors thanks to that same uncompromising spirit. Its flowing lines, sporty DNA and wealth of cutting-edge technology deliver more thrills than ever and set the stage for another 40 years of driving exhilaration.








BMW 3 Series Sedan : Shadow & Luminance Edition

In 1975 the BMW 3 Series single-handedly founded the luxury sports sedan segment and has proudly remained the epitome of the Ultimate Sports Sedan.